After a game of chess..both Pawn and Knight go back into the same box


Winning isn’t the answer, wanting to win is

after suffering for 40yrs wiv Alcohol.Drugs at the age of 54yrs i joined a gym and 5 months later ran my first full marathon..2 yrs after that in 2006 i ran and completed the 150 mile Atacama desert marathon..and completed it. i then wrote my book which is in the top one hundred best sellers list on extreme sport on Amazon uk wiv 70..5 star reviews..altho it wasnt meant to be a sport book..its about my life running wiv the skinhead gangs fighting and into the world of taking drink and drugs…since my book was published i have been on several radio stations, done several book talks one for an ultra running group and also had a recording of me by the BBC life is good now lol